Clementianna is the Evil queen in the movie Mirror Mirror.The queen is the main antagonist in the film. She has long red hair in ringlets, which she ties up in an elegant hairstyle most of the time and cold blue eyes Luke chips of ice. Dies at end of movie :(


The queen is vain, selfish, greedy, arrogant, pompous and manipulative. She is always taxing the people out of all they have for her lavish parties. She wears large flowing ballgowns with patterns and bows and sleeves. She has a mirror which she can go throuh like water to a bland mirror world in which there is only a huge lake, and a wooden house in which lives her much nicer reflection who has magic.

It is revealed that the Queen used a love potion to make the King {Snow White's Father} to fall in love with her. She then spread rumours about a dark evil invading the land, forcing him to ride off and face it. She turns him into the beast and controls him by use of the twin moon shaped necklaces that they wear. She used up the love potion however, and so has to use a puppy love potion when she wants Prince Alcott to marry her for his money. She also makes her reflection turn her servant Brighton into a cockroach for a day as punishment for not killing snow white, as well as using wooden puppets as poppet dolls in a voodoo style magic to try and kill the dwarves. Snow stops the puppets by slicng the strings, before any of the dwarves are killed. The Queen is stopped when snow slicing off the necklace around the beasts neck when the queen sends it after her, Clementianna ages rapidly,which is her punishment for using magic, until, at the wedding ceremony, she tries to trick snow into eating a poisoned apple, but Snow recognizes her, even as an old crone and makes her eat the apple causing the mirror world to collapse and the mirror to shatter.

Evil Queen Beauty Treatment

Luxury and LifeEdit

The Queen spends a lot of money, she do heavy bizarre beauty treatments to maintain beauty, she loves to be pamapared and receive massages. She throws luxury parties, banquets and have a lot of servants. She also enjoys to play chess at the throne room.

She have many dresses, jewels and heels. She spends all the treasure money in her luxury life.

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